Shocks & Suspension

Replacing worn shocks, air suspension and steering repair and maintenance.

The secret of every comfortable and enjoyable ride, is to ensure that the every components of your vehicle’s handling is secure. In order to get your vehicle gets in full control, you need to have a properly maintained steering wheel and suspension system.

Our maintenance includes:

  • Inspection of all system components
  • Check and top-off of power steering fluid
  • Ball joint lubrication

Symptoms a worn suspension system in Range Rover, Land Rover & Jaguar:

Please contact us when you notice the following issues while driving your vehicle:

  • Vibration or noise from rear or front suspension.
  • “Suspension Error” message appears in your dashboard.
  • When air suspension takes longer time to raise the vehicle.
  • Excessive bouncing
  • Loss of tire contact with the road
  • Excessive or uneven tire wear
  • Fluid leaks in your vehicle’s shocks
  • Dents, holes or damage to any of your vehicle’s shock components
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