Car Electrical

LandMax offers a great resources to solve electrical problems identified in Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar vehicle located in Dubai.

Our specialist mechanics has a large amount of knowledge in Land Rover, Range Rover & Jaguar cars that makes us capable of identifying the root cause of all car electrical problem and providing the solutions with complete electrical system diagnostic and repair. We do Car Electrical mapping & re-mapping and all kind of electronic services related to Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar cars in Al Quoz – Dubai.

At LandMax,we have tools and resources for rewiring the entire car perfectly. We would easily be able to test and resolve any car electrical services.

Common electrical fault is the battery. The battery is one of root causes of cars failing to start. We recommend that the faults with the battery can be avoided by turning off electrical equipment in the car. By leaving the headlights on while the engine is not running drains the power from the battery. The alternator charges your battery when the engine is running, so if you find that after using your vehicle the battery is dead, LandMax Auto Service Center Team in Dubai can diagnosis your car and identify the root cause.

Electrical Diagnosis is probably one of the most complicated issues in the car industry and should always be looked at by a team of professionals who specialize in Land Rover & Jaguar cars. At LandMax, we have a number of computer systems that aid in the assistance in locating your Land Rover & Jaguar car electrical fault and can be solved more quickly at less cost to you.

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