Brakes Service

Brakes are critical parts of your vehicle. It is important that your vehicle braking system is regularly maintained and checked to keep you, your family and other road users safe.

A brake service from LandMax Autoservice Center will have you stopping like a dream.In the presence of any of the below issues, it is important to have your brakes checked. Bring your car into a LandMax Autoservice Centre and we will inspect the problem and talk through any issues with you before undertaking any work.

  • A dashboard light indicating an issue with the braking system.
  • Strange sounds when applying pressure to your brakes.
  • Handling is harder when braking.
  • Vibrating, spongy or slow responding brake pedal.
  • Increased braking distance.

Why changing brake fluid is important?

Moisture gets accumulated in the brake system over time and when that happens it can react with the materials that are found in some of the braking components. This will lead to the contamination of the brake fluid.

At LandMax Auto Service technician will inspect and test your vehicle’s brake fluid to determine if you need it changed.

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